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a€?The big problem in the Netherlandsa€?: Knowing the Group for Freedoma€™s politicization of Islam

a€?The big problem in the Netherlandsa€?: Knowing the Group for Freedoma€™s politicization of Islam

This functioning paper belongs to a multi-year Brookings projecta€”»one per cent nightmare: Muslims when you look at the western along with surge with the New Populists.» Other forms from inside the television series come right here.

When Geert Wilders, president and top person belonging to the function for versatility (PVV), clarified his or her a€?Plan when it comes to Netherlandsa€? in build up to your Dutch common election of 2017, he or she declared that a€?the main problems in this country happens to be Islamization.a€? Doing this, Wilders said, comprises an a€?existential threata€? to a€?our identity, our personal liberty. Exactly who our company is. All.a€? 1 For tight perceiver of Dutch national politics, comparable statements, manufactured by the top associated with subsequently third-largest gathering of the nation (second-largest following elections), had been stalea€”over the preceding many years that were there raised acquainted with Wildersa€™ Islam-alarmist emails. Their reports seems rather radical, however, to foreign ears. In fact, a lot of Wildersa€™ political buddies in European Parliament dont denounce Islam as right or explicitly; 2 nor might problem as salient for the girls because it’s for PVV person. Besides, accomplishedna€™t Wilders originate from and work in holland, a country containing long been prided for the social receptivity and religious tolerance?

Koen Damhuis

Associate Prof — Utrecht School

This papers will lead toward an improved knowledge of the methods through which immigration in general, and Islam specifically, tends to be politicized within the Netherlandsa€”a traditions whereby Wilders performs an important factor character, though he’s perhaps not the sole protagonist. I most certainly will do so by centering, first, to the societal qualities against which these issues emerged about political plan in the past years. I will after that calculate the dilemmas of immigration and Islam were portrayed by Wildersa€™ PVV and how these representations changed as time passes. The very last area will situate this politicization for the latest Dutch governmental marketplace and discuss its social implications.

Newbies in a a€?guiding natioNa€?

Since then the a€?Dutch Golden agea€?a€”spanning roughly the seventeenth centurya€”the Netherlands is an appealing spot for migrants. During this time, a lot of looked for refuge for the somewhat understanding and flourishing republic for politico-religious or monetary explanations. In statistical consideration, this period of a€?mass-migrationa€? was only matched up as soon as the next community fight, as soon as consecutive swells of immigration substantially greater the dimensions of the Dutch society. 3 These ocean of immigration sprang from three main sites: the post-colonial condition in Indonesia, Suriname and Antilles; a€?guest staff members,a€? hired through the 1960s, particularly from poultry and Morocco, who’d become lasting occupants anda€”together employing familiesa€”represent 4.7 per cent associated with the Dutch public today; 4 and, asylum seekers, whoever rates peaked during the early 1990s (mainly because of the combat in Yugoslavia) plus recently amid the migrant situation sparked with the Syrian Civil fight. 5

Although there a variety of various other (small) migrant organizations inside the Holland, 6 general public debate around immigration and multiculturalism is often centered on non-Western migrants, particularly those of Turkish and Moroccan origina€”due partly to the fact that these associations greatly take into account the development of Islam within tremendously secularized people. About six per cent of newest human population inside Netherlands was predicted to be Muslim, 7 in comparison to under one percent in the early 70s. 8 it had been during specifically these four many decades that large areas edarling mobile site of the Dutch residents forgotten their unique religion. 9 From a relatively spiritual environment which was segregated along different socio-cultural pillarsa€”mainly Roman Chatolic, Protestant and socialista€”the Netherlands became by far the most secularized region in Europe, described as modern erotic morality, which permitted your worlda€™s first legalization of same-sex wedding in 2001. Comparable modern positive results added to a Dutch self image as a a€?guiding nationa€? (gidsland).

The honest opinions that thus gained popularity during second half for the 20 th 100 years, notably about female emancipation and homosexual legal rights, moved even conventional political figures to adopt and incorporate gradual beliefs. Since would be reviewed directly below, this advancement is crucial to comprehending the funny ways in which Islam is politicized by Dutch significant right politicians. 10


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